7221 Branico Drive, Roanoke, VA  24018

Shantiniketan Temple

Dear devotees,

YOU ARE INVITED !!!!Interested in learning more about our religion?

Our Hindu Dharma program got off to a good start this past Sunday.  The other teachers and I are very excited about where this will go.

If you signed up your child and did not receive any emails or texts from me, please contact me directly at the email address below and I will be more than happy to forward you all the information regarding our first class, as well as the contact information for your group teacher.  I may not have all the email addresses and/or phone numbers so I would like to be sure that anyone who is interested is not missing out.  If you did not initially sign up your child but would like to do so, please contact me.  It is not too late and I will add them to our class as long as they are between 9-16 years old.

If you did sign up your child initially but he/she is now not able to participate, please let me know.  I have based our small groups on the sign-ups I received from Rajeshri Patel and if a child is no longer participating then I can remove them from the list and rearrange our groups.  It is important that you please contact me so that I can make those changes.

Thank you for your interest in this program.  With your help and commitment, we will endeavor to make this program interesting and enriching for your children.  

Monika Mittal
Hindu Dharma coordinator

Thank you for your support.