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High School Graduation Ceremony – 2021.

Shantiniketan Temple COVID-19 Guidelines

Seva Sammittee has decided to start the regular Satsang from Sunday, 3/7/2021 from 4.30p.m. to 5.30p.m. followed by Aarthi and Mahaprasad. The temple will remain open during the regular hours. 

Please read the following guidelines carefully and follow them strictly.

1. The temple will operate at a capacity in which social distancing of 6 feet can be maintained.
Only 40 people are allowed at the temple at one time.
3. All devotees
NEED TO WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES. No one is allowed to enter into the
temple without wearing a mask.
BRING YOUR OWN MASK as they will not be available at
the temple.
STOP THE SPREAD. Do not visit the temple if you have been sick or have had a fever.
Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your
Hand sanitizer must be used before entering and when exiting the temple.
6. Please follow the signs posted inside the temple. Darshan to all the deities is allowed only in
one direction.
7. All devotees need to
maintain social distancing of 6 ft at all times inside the temple.
Items Not Allowed into the temple – Cooked food, any perishable food item, milk, yogurt,
honey, butter and ghee.
Items Allowed into the temple- Only whole fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, etc) and
un-tampered, pre-packaged, ‘factory sealed' food items are allowed for Prasad.
Flowers are allowed.
10. India Heritage Society will provide all the necessary items required for pujas if you sponsor
the satsang.
11. Only Satsang sponsors will be permitted to perform aarti. (one aarti per family and no
passing of the aarti). If there is no sponsor, Sharmaji will be doing aarti. After aarti is
performed, it will be place in the front of the temple so that visitors can take aarti by
themselves and keep social distancing.
12. Singing bhajans- Satsang sponsors will be permitted to sing bhajans or appoint 2 people to
sing on their behalf. There will be
no passing of the microphone.
13. Bhajan Books will be available upon request only and cannot be shared.
14. Please contact Sharmaji if you would like a certain puja performed at the temple with social
15. All puja and satsang sponsors are encouraged to pay online at roanoketemple.org ahead of
time before arriving to the temple. Cash donations and aarti money can be placed directly in
the donation box.
16. No one is allowed to enter the kitchen, community hall, office or storage rooms. 

17. Download Virginia’s free COVIDWISE Exposure Notifications app to help protect your community

while protecting your privacy. 

Members of Seva Samiti will be available to guide visitors and enforce the above guidelines to keep
everyone safe and healthy.

Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Board and Seva Samiti
India Heritage Society

Please call Rajeshri Patel at 540-314-4182 if you would like to sponsor any satsangs.

You can email seva@roanoketemple.org with any questions or suggestions.

​​You can use Online Payment method for Temple Donations and Priest Services using Secured method

Shantiniketan Temple

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*Temple will remain open Mon-Sun from 8.00a.m.-12.00noon and 4.00p.m.-8.00p.m. This timings may vary during special events. Click HERE or "More" to know about offered services and charges